Best of JACR® Articles for 2014


February 2015

Each year, the JACR® editorial board recognizes four articles, one for each of the journal's four areas of interest: training and education, leadership, practice management, and health services research and policy. Selection criteria include importance to the specialty and lucidity of presentation.


Training and Eduation

Radiology Trainees' Comfort with Difficult Conversations and Attitudes About Error Disclosure: Effect of a Communication Skills Workshop

— Brown SD, Callahan MJ, Browning DM, Lebowitz RL, Bell SK, Jang J, Meyer EC. Read it here.  


Radiology Manpower Considerations and Imaging 3.0: Effort Planning for Value-based Imaging

— Norbash A, Bluth E, Lee CI, Francavilla M, Donner M, Dutton SC, Heilbrun M, McGinty G . Read it here.

Practice Management

A Quality Improvement Initiative to Reduce Unnecessary Follow-up Imaging for Adnexal Lesions

— Hui JS, Kramer DJ, Blackmore CC, Hashimoto BE, Coy DL . Read it here.

Health Services Research and Policy

The Ephemeral Accountable Care Organization - an Unintended Consequence of the Medicare Shared Savings Plan

— Harvey HB, Gowda V, Gazelle GS, Pandharipande PV. Read it here.



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