The 2014 ACR Strategic Plan

Defining our vision for the future and the roadmap to get us there

Board of Chancellors - The 2014 ACR Strategic Plan

The disruptions from health care reform, changing practice patterns, and declining reimbursement that have created unprecedented challenges for our specialty and our practices also challenge our professional organizations to be responsive to the changing practice environments of our members.

At the College, we have taken these challenges as an opportunity to review and redirect the ACR’s strategic plan to better align our activities and programs with what our membership needs most from the College. Strategic planning determines how we set our priorities and focus our resources. It also ensures we are working toward our common goals. It defines who we are, where we are going, and how we get there.

The 2014 ACR Strategic Plan, available for review at, contains the ACR’s updated core purpose, core values, and a vision statement along with the goals and objectives the College will use as the roadmap to work toward that vision. The plan strives to provide a direction for our future that will be shared by and aligned with that of our membership, with strategies the membership believes the College can execute to help us navigate the changing times.

The strategic plan lays out our core purpose: “To serve patients and society by empowering members to advance the practice, science, and professions of radiological care.”

Emphasizing areas in which the College is uniquely positioned to support and represent its members, the plan focuses on providing the programs and services that radiological professionals say they need but are not able to create for themselves or get from other organizations. Our previous strategic plans were built around the pillars of the College: advocacy, economics, education, research, and quality and safety. Our new strategic plan takes a different approach. While continuing to build upon the value created within each of the pillars, the plan recognizes that to be successful in the future, we must integrate our activity across our pillars and leverage all of our resources toward a core purpose. Both internal coordination within the College and collaboration with radiology organizations and external stakeholders will be requisite for our future success. As we begin aligning resources, implementing programs, and fostering the collaborations that will result from the strategic plan, it will be an exciting time for our profession and a powerful opportunity to advance the practice of the radiological specialties.

In order to get to this point, the ACR’s strategic planning process began over one year ago based on the board’s desire to focus College resources on activities that reflect the core needs of our members and the profession at a time when the challenges of health reform are rapidly changing our practice environment. The ACR’s Strategic Planning Committee included members of the ACR Board of Chancellors and the Council Steering Committee as well as two additional ACR members who were not part of the current leadership group. The committee represented the perspectives of both academic and private practice as well as those of residents, fellows, and young physicians. To facilitate our process, the College engaged a professional strategic planning consultant, Tecker International, with extensive experience in strategic planning for non-profit organizations.

Understanding our changing environment and the needs of our membership was key to assuring we developed a plan whose vision, goals, and objectives would be widely shared by the membership. We devoted several months to gathering input from a wide variety of internal and external stakeholders — most importantly our members and potential members, our state chapter leaders, and the ACR Council. These internal stakeholders were the committee’s most important resource and guided the development of a plan that is focused on the membership. The Strategic Planning Committee worked for three days on two different occasions over the summer to develop the plan, and the Board of Chancellors approved the final plan in September.

Our 2014 ACR Strategic Plan identifies the College’s core professional and organizational values — leadership, integrity, quality, and innovation — and focuses the core purpose of the organization as set forth in the strategic plan: “to serve patients and society by empowering members to advance the practice, science, and professions of radiological care.”

The strategic plan contains six goals and 25 supporting objectives focused on health care payment policies and practice models, membership and member engagement, radiology and patient-centered care, taking innovation and research from science to practice to public policy, external relationships, and the financial sustainability of the organization. 

The plan acknowledges that the College alone cannot advance the profession. The ACR’s new core purpose describes a partnership between the members and their organization in which the ACR provides its members with tools and programs that will empower them to develop their own value propositions for their patients, referring physicians, and health systems. In the era of health care reform, organizational leadership alone will not be enough to continually advance our practices and our specialty. To be successful, radiology professionals will need to be recognized as integral parts of the health care delivery team, directly involved in the care of our patients and acting as leaders in managing population health.

To help our members achieve this vision, the ACR must support radiological professionals by providing innovative programs and solutions that optimize our members’ opportunities for success. Through collaboration and cooperation with external organizations, the ACR can continue to advance our specialty so that other medical organizations, patient advocacy groups, and policymakers will look to the ACR and our members for solutions to future challenges.

In the weeks ahead we will be providing you more detailed information about the specifics of the plan, including the rationale behind each of the goals and objectives. My thanks to all of our volunteers and dedicated staff who have worked hard this past year to plan for our future.

AllenheadshotBy Bibb Allen Jr., MD, FACR, Chair


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