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This week, we’re reading about mountains of data, the problem with peer review, and the bright future of general radiology.

Integrated Data and the Future of the Healthcare System
As value-driven care takes the main stage, it’s increasingly partnered with data. But there’s a lot that needs to be done behind the scenes to make this duo a success.

Let’s Stop Pretending Peer Review Works
“Journal editors, with enough resources, can add real value to scientific publications and give them their ‘golden glow.’ But how many journals actually provide that value add?”

The General Radiologist is Still Valued. Here’s Why.
“My advice to radiology residents: Treat each rotation as if you are doing a fellowship in it. In times of thrift, the breadth of your knowledge is your greatest asset.”


Lately From the ACR Bulletin

Who’s in the Center of Your System?
An RSNA-ACR joint session shows the value of patient-centric care

Lung Cancer Screening Resource Roundup
Need to learn more about lung cancer screening? Start here.

A Case for Open Patient Records
After a voluntary MRI reveals an abnormality in his brain, one MIT grad student becomes an advocate for open medical records — a critical element to engaging patients as partners in care.

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