ACR Weekend Reads: Diversity

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Looking for content to peruse with your coffee this weekend? Check out these ACR Weekend Reads on an inventory on the current state of diversity in radiology, what some leaders are doing to address it, and tips for improving it within your own workplace.

1. Diversity Matters: Viewing diversity as critical to success, radiology leaders in Nashville bring inclusion to the forefront with initiatives to recruit, retain, and advance top talent.

2. Hidden Figues: Although diversity and inclusion have improved in medicine overall, the radiology profession faces continuing challenges and special opportunities.

3. Diversity and Inclusion in IR: How do we leverage it so that we can better serve our patient population?

4. In Good Concience: Everyone is guilty of unconscious bias. How can you disrupt the pattern?

5. Battling Blind Spots: As part of its efforts to make diversity and inclusion intentional, the radiology department at Vanderbilt University Medical Center implemented ongoing training to recognize and mitigate unconscious bias.

6. Fostering Diversity and Inclusion: A Summary of the 2017 Intersociety Summer Conference: The 39th Intersociety Committee reviewed the current state of diversity among trainees and in workplaces, and addressed future strategies for fostering diversity through inclusion.

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