ACR Weekend Reads: Report to the Patient
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Looking for content to peruse with your coffee this weekend? Check out these ACR Weekend Reads on the benefits of structured and readable report writing for you, your practice, and your patients.


1. Structured For Care: In this case study, an academic tertiary care center implements structured reporting, achieving 94 percent compliance among radiologists.

2. To Whom It May Concern: Radiologists discuss the importance of writing reports that are accessible to patients, and why it matters now more than ever.

3. The Perfect Radiology Report: For the greatest impact on patient care, radiologists must write clear and concise reports.

4. Radiology Report Readability: Posing comprehensible content within, rather than solely technical access to, radiology reports is key to becoming truly patient-centered.

5. Actionable Steps: Learn more about how one key phrase significantly improved best practices and clinical value.

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