ACR Weekend Reads: Patient-Centered Care

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Looking for content to peruse with your coffee this weekend? Check out these ACR Weekend Reads on the importance of patient-centered care in radiology.


  1. Rethinking the Patient Experience: A radiology resident recounts his journey undergoing cancer treatment — and its impact on him as a physician.
  2. Difficult Doctors, Difficult Patients: Building Empathy: Effective doctor-patient communication facilitates the therapeutic relationship, promotes patient physical and mental health, and improves physician satisfaction.
  3. Patient Forward: A multidisciplinary team invites patients and their families to a weekly thoracic oncology clinic at Elkhart General Hospital.
  4. Transparent ConversationsAn informed healthcare consumer seeks care for recurrent kidney stones only to walk away with a steep bill. How could price transparency have helped? 
  5. Watch and Learn: California radiologists implement patient-facing videos to decrease patient anxiety and physician burnout.

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