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The summer of 2017 with Nth Dimensions, a summer internship program especially designed for first year minority students, gave me great vision for my career in medical school.

Nth Dimensions flew me to the headquarters of the ACR in Washington, D.C. Nth Dimensions let me and the other participating students know that with hard work, we were destined for success in medical school. Many doctors, from Bonnie Mason, MD, to Terrance Ross, MD, took time to offer their insights on the benefits and hardships that I will experience during the rest of my medical journey.

Nicholas Beckmann, MD, and Derek West, MD, my physician mentors, gave me a crash course on the important factors of clinical medicine and research. Reading radiographs is an earned skill and Dr. Beckmann loved to test me on my knowledge, followed by valuable lessons. Doing research with Dr. West was amazing because he gave me the freedom to independently lead a project on electroporation, providing me with guidance when I needed it. Leading a project early on in medical school gave me a sense of ownership in the work, and I believe this experience will help in my future research endeavors.

I am grateful for the stipend, mentors in radiology, a research project, and numerous other resources provided by Nth Dimensions. However, the family that I have gained through this program and the constant support of the community will be the most valuable treasure that will sustain me throughout my medical career.

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Ramzy I. Meremikwu is a second year medical student at the University of Texas' McGovern Medical School.

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