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The term price transparency, a label meant to evoke the idea of openness in healthcare pricing, often means different things to different people. Patients might define it as gaining an understanding of the out-of-pocket costs they’ll incur as a result of a medical procedure; on the other hand, a medical practice may consider itself transparent if it is forthcoming about the total cost billed.

No matter how one might define it, price transparency in imaging should be on every radiologist’s radar. In an era when patients will shoulder more of the financial burden for their healthcare, radiologists must ensure that patients do not predicate their imaging decisions solely on price. In order to avoid becoming a commodity, radiologists must foreground the importance of quality care in these conversations. This blog series will point the way forward in how to frame these crucial conversations with patients.

Price costlacking

Lack of awareness of the price of imaging keeps patients from making informed choices on care.

Price Moving

As patients assume more responsibility for financing their own healthcare, price transparency in imaging should be on every radiologist’s radar. 


How a radiology ratings website could balance quality metrics with costs to the patient — all while helping to prevent radiologists from becoming commoditized


An informed healthcare consumer seeks care for recurrent kidney stones only to walk away with a steep bill. How could price transparency have helped?

price howmuch

As patients shoulder a larger share of their healthcare spending, the executive director of one radiology practice wonders how quality can be incorporated into imaging decisions.

Price underlyingcomplications

Price transparency may not control costs, so why does it matter?

suprise billing

Surprise insurance gaps are causing patients to walk away with unexpectedly high medical bills. What causes this, and how can radiologists help?

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