YPS: 2017-2018 Executive Committee Update


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The ACR YPS consists of members of the College who are either under the age of 40 or within their first eight years of practice following the completion of training. The YPS comprises over 6,000 members and is represented by a seven-member executive committee that is elected by those members attending the College’s annual meeting each May. The members of the Executive Committee (EC) for the 2017-2018 term were:


  • Chair Andrew Rosenkrantz, MD
  • Vice Chair Sonia Gupta, MD
  • Information Technology Liaison J. Paul Nielsen, MD
  • Communications Liaison Taj Kattapuram, MD
  • RFS Liaison Amy Patel, MD
  • Advocacy and RADPAC® Liaison Andy Moriarity, MD
  • Health Policy Liaison Refky Nicola, MD

In addition, over 300 YPS members serve on College committees and commissions, two serve on the CSC, and one serves on the BOC. The majority of chapters currently send an additional representative to the annual meeting through the YPS Alternate Councilor position. Member communication was a priority for the 2017–2018 YPS EC. The committee generated content for four quarterly newsletters distributed as e-blasts to YPS members and subsequently maintained via an online archive. The EC also ran an active YPS Twitter account, and communicated with members through a YPS community on ACR Engage. A number of YPS columns also appeared in the JACR® during the course of the year. Furthermore, the EC worked with ACR’s membership and informatics staff to ensure greater continuity of digital communications from the College during members' transition from training to practice.

The YPS EC interfaced with other bodies within the College. For example, multiple members of the EC served in the Radiology Advocacy Network and helped initiate the development of a dedicated YPS RAN. In other advocacy efforts, the YPS supported the RADPAC through participation in the 2017 RADTOBERFEST and the 2018 March Chapter Challenge. The YPS partnered with the Commission for Women and Diversity in conducting a survey of YPS members’ interest in a dedicated mentorship program. Regular attendance by a YPS liaison was established at RFS EC meetings to foster joint initiatives. Lastly, a radiation oncology liaison position, currently held by Zachary Morris, MD, was added to the YPS EC.

The YPS provided dedicated programming for its members at ACR 2018, featuring a career panel and a session on communication skills sponsored by the Commission on Patient and Family-Centered Care. The YPS and the American Association for Women Radiologists co-sponsored and organized the second-annual speed mentoring session. Finally, the YPS hosted an evening reception attended by its members and College leadership to encourage member recruitment and participation.

The YPS held its election for the 2018-2019 term at the annual meeting. Prior to the election, the EC reorganized committee positions to better reflect the current delegation of responsibilities. The newly-elected 2018-2019 YPS EC members are:

  • Chair Sonia Gupta, MD
  • Vice Chair Moriarity, MD
  • RFS Liaison Amy Patel, MD
  • Advocacy and RADPAC® Liaison, Neil Lall, MD
  • Membership Liaison Melissa Chen, MD
  • Communications Liaison David Mihal, MD

The new YPS EC looks forward to another active year and encourages members to become involved and contribute to activities. Interested members may reach out to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Andrew Rosenkrantz, MD, is a radiologist in the abdominal imaging section at NYU Langone Medical Center and an affiliate research fellow of the Harvey L. Neiman Health Policy Institute®. He was chair of the 2017–2018 ACR-YPS Executive Committee.

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