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How can we design and implement a parental leave policy to address the unique needs of each #RADparent?

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“Parental needs are not necessarily a one-size-fits-all solution. When you get into the very basics of pregnancy, labor, and delivery, some women have C-sections and they need more recovery time than those with a vaginal delivery. Every single person has different physical, emotional, and unique family needs — depending on their support at home. Hence, it’s really important that when we approach policymaking, we approach it with an individualized plan.”

— K. Elizabeth Hawk, MS, MD, PhD, radiologist with Radiology Partners in Studio City, Calif., and member of the ACR CSC

“We know that about half of the people coming into medical school now are female. We’ve talked about how we want to have more women in radiology specifically, and so we have to do things that will make this specialty more appealing to them — and to men too. I think our current generation — and the one that will come after us — want to be there with our family during those first few weeks after birth/adoption.”

— Cody R. Quirk, MD, radiologist with University of Virginia Health System in Charlottesville

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