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The College welcomes feedback on its future direction and on the programs and services that it develops along the way.

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According to the late radiology luminary and former CEO of ACR Harvey L. Neiman, MD, FACR, “Radiology is about the future. The ACR is not about one group of professionals. It is about a responsibility to those patients who rely on your expertise and commitment to quality, today and into the future — your future, our future.”

This simple yet powerful message still rings true today as the ACR strives to be forward-thinking — launching new programs and services that support our strategic vision, improve our profession, and enhance our value to members and the patients they serve.

Member Value and Voices

The College works to equip members with the tools they need to succeed — while actively promoting and advocating for the profession before Congress, federal and state regulatory agencies, and state legislatures.

In addition to the significant and extensive benefits that members already receive, the following new member value enhancements were launched in 2019:

  • Radiology Well-Being Program
  • 2019 Continuous Professional Improvement
    Modules in Adult Cancer Imaging, Ultrasonography,
    Musculoskeletal, Pediatric, and Nuclear Radiology
  • Digital Breast Tomosynthesis guidance document
  • My CT Colonography center locator
  • “Talking to Your Patients About Breast Cancer Screening” CME Toolkit
  • The ACR Data Science Institute® (DSI) AI-LAB
  • MACRA and CDS guidance and training

In 2018, the ACR developed a Member Tracker — a quantitative survey of members and non-members from a sample of radiologists to gain a better understanding of their views on emerging trends affecting the profession. A total of 1,738 interviews were completed, of which 1,343 were members, 376 were non-members, and 19 were state chapter members. The survey not only helped to predict future industry trends, but also helped analyze members’ perceptions about the ACR as a whole (read more about the Member Tracker at

Looking Ahead

Nov carousel web images2ACR membership remains strong and continues to grow, with 2,297 new members joining the ACR in 2019 and more than 93% renewing their commitment to support the organization. According to the Member Tracker, rank-and-file member loyalty and ongoing commitment to the College is solid.

Professional development, staying informed, supporting advocacy, and advancing quality and safety are salient drivers for membership. While radiology residents and fellows value staying abreast of industry developments and supporting advocacy efforts, their primary need from the ACR centers on career advancement and their own professional development in the context of changes in radiology and healthcare.

Information and radiological technology are moving at breakneck speed, changing the way we network and communicate and how we respond to growing patient demands. In fact, the Member Tracker found that a majority of both members and non-members believe that AI will be extremely or very prevalent in the future practice of radiology.

The long-term success of ACR members will be tied, in large part, to their ability to adapt and incorporate changing technologies into their workplace — especially in view of our heavy dependence on technology in our profession. Other dramatic changes include the way in which practices, hospitals, imaging centers, and academic institutions are structured; the growth of teleradiology and physician extenders; increasing workload demand and fewer human resources; the advent of AI and the uncertainty of regulatory and legislative initiatives.

The ACR stands ready to support its members and to provide the tools and resources needed to help them meet these future technological and market disruptors. For example, the ACR, through regular messaging and the work of the DSI, has been working to dispel fears some members have that AI will significantly disrupt their livelihoods. We are also guided by our strategic plan, which reflects the input of our members and is focused on the following membership-specific strategic objectives (read more at

You have an opportunity to provide direct commentary on our future direction and on the programs and services that we develop along the way. The next Member Tracker will be deployed by email in early 2020. Please take the time to share your thoughts. Your feedback will help us better understand your needs as a member of ACR, a member of the radiology profession, and a member of the healthcare community.

William T. Herrington, MD, FACR, Chair, ACR Commission on Membership and Communications
Guest Columnist

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