Patient- and Family-Centered Care


How can our patients become our partners? And why is it important that we think of them that way — that we expand the role that not only patients, but also their families, play in their own care? These are the important questions continuously circled in this ACR Bulletin special issue on patient- and family-centered care (PFCC). The pages of this issue illuminate the innovative and forward-thinking ways radiologists are approaching PFCC to be better partners to patients and their families — no matter the form that essential partnership might take.


By placing patients at the center, radiologists can alleviate burnout and provide better care.


How can radiology departments improve the overall imaging experience for patients with obesity?


How can practices consider LGBTQ patients’ unique needs and become more inclusive?


Provider understanding and patient empowerment hinge on how radiologists present findings.


A radiologist recounts her journey as a patient undergoing treatment for lymphoma — and its impact on her as a physician.


A California radiology practice leverages to ease patients’ anxiety about imaging.

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