Population Health Management 



Fifteen years ago, population health was a relatively new term. Today, population health management (PHM) is on the minds of medical specialists throughout healthcare, even if they aren’t sure exactly how it will affect their practices and their patients. This May 2018 Bulletin special section breaks down what PHM looks like in radiology and how it can lead to better outcomes for patients.


POPHealth guide
What does PHM look like in radiology and how can it lead to better outcomes for patients?
POPHealth practice

What does it look like when a radiology practice participates in PHM?

POPHealth payment

How can radiologists prepare their practices to be reimbursed in a PHM environment?

POPHealth Opioid
What you need to know about radiologists’ increasing role in the epidemic.
POPHealth Curbside
A hospital integrates radiology eConsults into its EMR to make it faster and easier for PCPs to get answers about imaging and improve patient care.

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