July 2017

Case of the Year

One case stood out in a sea of 261 submissions.case in point

In medicine, a diagnosis is not always straightforward. Many diseases or conditions can present in various way, depending on the circumstances. So how do you train for the uncommon presentations?

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Final Read

Q: How do you increase public awareness of radiology?final read

When I chose to pursue radiology, my mentors tried to dissuade me, warning I would sit in a dark room and never see patients.

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ACR 2017 in Pictures

Check out these photos from ACR 2017: The Crossroads of Radiology.acr 2017 in pics

This year's annual meeting held a ton of excitement for members, including lessons on machine learning, patient experience, and more.

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IT Manager The Invisible Conductor

Radiology IT managers and their teams can position groups for success under Imaging 3.0® and MACRA.IT Manager

When the radiologists at Lahey Hospital & Medical Center in Burlington, Mass., log into their workstations, they unlock an integrated suite of clinical management systems that includes their workflow manager, PACS, voice recognition system, a summary of the relevant electronic medical record (EMR) database, and a host of contextual communication, peer review, and quality reporting tools.

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Join the Narrative

Exchanging stories with your patients can transform your practice.join the narrative

If ever there was an appropriate cliché in medicine, it's that there are two sides to every story. In radiology, your story can help connect you with your patients.

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The New Rules of Leadership

This year's RLI Leadership Summit goes deep on finding your individual leadership style, creating sustainable success, and preparing your practice to respond to change.rules of leadership

Faculty at the 2017 RLI Leadership Summit hail from all corners of the business world.

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How We Got Here

Radiologists in the United States have a history that is different from that of other physicians — and understanding this history is important to the future of radiology.how we got here

Health care and payment policy are evolving rapidly in this country. New laws and regulations are voluminous, and the decisions we make are far-reaching.

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Investing in Radiology

The College's strategy for financial sustainability ensures a solid foundation for radiologists and their patients.investing in radiology

The ACR was established to serve the needs and interests of radiologists. While the challenges the profession faces have changed over time with the ever-shifting health care environment, the heart of the ACR has never wavered.

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