November 2017

From the Battlefield to the Reading Room, Making Service Priority One

Nov chairSTAR

“Arma virumque cano” – Aeneid

I first read Virgil’s stirring poem as a ninth grader, not knowing I would one day count myself among the warrior class, part of the story “of arms and the man” that begins Virgil’s Aeneid. When I first took the Oath of Office in 1991, I never envisioned I’d commit myself to that cause for 25 years.

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2018: More Transitions and Opportunities for Preparation

NOV ecochair
In the coming year, let’s get involved and start reporting clinical decision support codes and patient-relationship categories and codes.

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The 2017 Radiology Workforce Infographic

Workforce 01

Each year, the ACR′s Commission on Human Resources surveys the leaders of radiology practices to determine the makeup of the workforce and to break down hiring practices. Roughly 33 percent of all radiologists practicing in the United States responded this year. Have a look at the 2017 numbers for a clearer picture of your specialty and potential or emerging job market trends.

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Focus on the VA

Nov focus

Radiologists around the country join together to provide high-quality care for veterans.

The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) has faced its share of challenges in recent years. In 2014, the Phoenix VA was at the center of a high-profile crisis surrounding access to care for veterans.

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The AMA, a Physician’s Rights, and the Radiologist

Nov RADlaw

The AMA is fighting for your rights and responsibilities as a radiologist and a physician within a practicing medical community. Will you join them in representing your interests?

Radiologists often ask why they should become members of the AMA in addition to the ACR®. After all, doesn’t the ACR represent their interests with state and local governments and regulators, while also providing voluminous materials on practice matters?

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ACR Issues New Choosing Wisely Recommendations

Nov choosingwisely

New guidelines for radiologists include recommendations on overuse of abdominal CT with contrast and how to responsibly address incidental findings.

The ACR recently renewed its continuing commitment to the national Choosing Wisely® initiative by issuing five new recommendations designed to help radiologists improve their interpretations and recommendations based on the latest evidence-based findings.

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From Vision to Reality

NOV educentre

The ACR Education Center celebrates 10 years of success.

In 2006, three of radiology’s top leaders gathered at a leadership retreat in Asheville, N.C., and shared a dream of offering radiologists hands-on instruction in a realistic simulation environment.

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Final Read

What does the radiologist of the future look like?

Nov finalreadSTAR

Pictured are CDR Chris Nguyen, SFC Erik Griffin, LCDR Andrew Harbuck, Ethan Reeves, LTC Paul Clark, DO, LCDR Joanna
Krause, SFC Clinton Long, Reginald Powell, COL Mohammad Naeem, MD, MAJ Marit Duffy, and MAJ Grayson Hooper at Fort
Belvoir Community Hospital.

It is hard to be sure what the next 10 years will look like. Yet most would agree that a seismic event is on our horizon: the arrival of Artificial Intelligence (AI).

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Impacted Care

Nov impact

Physician biases can have devasting consequences for a patient's care. 

In the article “Forty Years Since ‘Taking Care of the Hateful Patient,” the authors discuss a patient referred to as Old George, a 45-year-old alcoholic whose frequent visits over the course of six years were a source of frustration to a hospital emergency staff. During the last week of Old George’s life, he was seen nearly every day, with issues ranging from multiple lacerations to a fractured arm to merely needing to “sleep it off” in the back room. Finally, on Friday of that week, he was admitted with “wildly bleeding esophageal varices,” which claimed his life.

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The Big [Jobs] Picture

Nov jobs

New reports find the demand for radiologists won’t fade out anytime soon.

If you’re looking for a job, you might be discouraged by talk of changing payment models, burnout, and machines taking over. But the reality is, radiology jobs are back.

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