The 2015 RLI Leadership Summit

Reflections by Residents and Fellows


The Radiology Leadership Institute® (RLI) Summit, a four-day program held at Babson College, brought together trainees, practicing radiologists, and allied health professionals to learn management and leadership skills from business experts. Scholarships for trainees to attend the summit are available through the RLI and through state chapters of the ACR. The RFS caught up with several scholarship winners to hear about their experiences and takeaways from the summit.

Manisha Bahl, MD, PGY-6, Duke University Medical Center

The summit provided me with a foundation in business management and leadership skills, which are critical to thrive in our rapidly changing health care environment. In particular, I gained a lot from the small group sessions, in which seasoned radiologists shared their experiences and we were given the opportunity to practice and apply what we were learning. One of the highlights of the program was the opening night dinner, when Dr. Leonard Berlin, MD, FACR, and Dr. Bruce J. Hillman, MD, FACR, were awarded the 2015 Leadership Luminary Awards. The opportunity for trainees like me to meet and interact with luminaries in radiology was inspiring.

Andrew T. Colucci, MD, PGY-4, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center

As a radiology resident who is training in the midst of an ongoing paradigm shift in our field, I felt it was imperative to identify the upcoming obstacles facing radiologists throughout the nation. That way, I would be better prepared to appropriately adapt. The most meaningful aspect of the summit is the opportunity to meet and network with fellow radiologists from across the nation. In these small group settings, we can better get to know our colleagues and identify differences in practice structure, operations, and management — all of which result in self-reflection and opportunities for improvement in one’s own practice. The most important takeaway from the summit is that many of the challenges facing radiology can be converted into opportunities for success if managed appropriately.

William D. Kerridge, MD, PGY-5, Indiana University Hospital

The summit was a transformative experience in my growth as a resident. The faculty at Babson College did a remarkable job of presenting the history of other industries that have experienced significant change. Through these examples, participants saw opportunities that are present in the field of radiology today. Part of being a successful leader is looking at change through the lens of our core assets and activities, developing possible scenarios, and preparing for the inevitable change. After framing change in this manner, we broke off into small groups to put what we learned into practice, developing scenarios as if we were the leaders of a self-driving car company and then again as leaders in a radiology group. The diversity of ideas and experiences found in the small group was inspiring.

Alexander S. Misono,MD, MBA, PGY-4, Massachusetts General Hospital

I expected the summit to be yet another ACR venue ripe for building new relationships and enhancing existing relationships with fellow radiologists of a similar mindset.  I attended the summit because of this expectation, and this expectation was more than surpassed by the actual experience. Discussing topics outside of radiology as well as radiology business cases brought me instantly back to business school. However, the level of discourse and engagement was heightened relative to that of any garden-variety business-school class.

I learned at the summit that the future of radiology is bright given the energy and insight brought forward by current and future leaders of our discipline.

D. J. Perry, MD, PGY-5, University of Washington Medical Center

The summit was a great opportunity to learn what we can do to prepare for the future by listening to the thoughts of luminaries, discussing their experiences, and mingling with current and future leaders in the field. Some of the most useful material was in the small group scenario planning, where we selected the key challenges facing radiology and brainstormed about how we might address them. Just starting the dialogue got many opinions and ideas out in the open that will fuel future thoughts and approaches.

Gelareh Sadigh, MD, PGY-4, Emory University Hospital

I thought the summit would afford me the opportunity to meet some of the great leaders in the field and learn from their experiences, and in reality it did. One of my favorite sessions was on marketing concepts and customer value propositions in business markets. We usually think about our own benefits when making a decision, but it was very helpful to learn how to consider the other party’s values and to realize that what I value might not necessarily be important for the other party. I also enjoyed the Imaging 3.0™ talk (and case study) by Dr. Samir B. Patel, MD, and how he changed his practice by using the Imaging 3.0 concepts and the value-proposition concepts (e.g., what is important for hospitals administrators and patients).

At the RLI Summit, I learned how to use business concepts in our practice and how successful leaders improve the value of our specialty using the same concepts. I had the opportunity to meet and learn from some of these great leaders at the RLI summit.  


Learn more about the Radiology Leadership Institute and its upcoming events on the RLI website.

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