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Mark H. LeQuire, MD, FACR


September 2015

Q: Tell us about a colleague who inspired you. 

Mentors. What an essential ingredient to success in one’s professional career. I have been blessed to have one at every stage of my life. All my mentors have had a part in shaping me, but one individual in particular inspired me to become the radiologist that I am.

Col. Alfred B. Watson Jr., MD, USAF (Ret.), was the director of training at my program. On day five of my surgical internship, I showed up in his office asking for a slot in the next year’s radiology residency class. I remember his incredulity when he asked me how I could be sure, given that it was only the fifth day of my internship.

As a mentor, he taught me all of the skills that I now have and those we consider essential in our profession. Dr. Watson was and is a man of character. He was the consummate professorial father figure whether in instruction or in time of discipline. He was selfless, never asking of us what he would not do himself. In short, he taught me that with those character traits you could have the following philosophy in life: Always take the high road and everything else will take care of itself.

Dr. Watson left our program before I finished. When he left, I asked him to inscribe my residency copy of Paul and Juhl. When I was asked to write this column, I reread his inscription. The person he describes is not the person I thought that I was. He must have had amazing insight. In reliving my residency experience so many years ago, I realized that I have modeled my professional life after the one he taught me to have. I hope that I have taught that same model to others.

 p22FinalReadheadshotBy Mark H. LeQuire, MD, FACR, radiologist at Montgomery Radiology Associates, in Montgomery, Ala.


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