Locating the Reading Room


September 2015

Having trouble communicating with your referring physician? The problem may be that they don’t know where to find you. Researchers from the University of Colorado School of Medicine in Aurora, Colo., surveyed physicians at their facility to determine the perceptions of referring providers regarding the accessibility and availability of the thoracic radiology department. They found that 38 percent of the physicians surveyed did not know how to contact the radiologists and 64 percent were unsure of the location of the reading room.
To remedy the situation, the team sent an email to clinicians with contact information for the thoracic radiology department, as well as information concerning the reading room’s location. They also began including a template at the end of every thoracic radiology report that included the position of the reading room as well as the contact information and hours for the radiologist sending the report. A follow-up survey reported improvement — only 10 percent were unsure how to contact the radiologists, and 48 percent were unsure of the location of the reading room.

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