ACR Bulletin October 2017

When Looks Can Be Deceiving

OCT looksCanBeDeceiving

An uncommon diagnosis turns up in a recent Case in Point™case.

The April 2017 Case in Point™ case of the month featured the diagnosis tubular adenoma of the breast and was submitted by Resident C. Eric Gullbrand, DO, and Associate Program Director of Diagnostic Radiology Kristina A. Siddall, MD, both from Christiana Health Care System in Newark, Del.

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The Breast Screening Bundle Tool

OCT tool

A new resource from the Neiman Institute helps practices estimate prices for breast cancer screening.

A free tool from the Harvey L. Neiman Health Policy Institute®(HPI) offers radiology practices a way to estimate bundled payments for breast cancer screening based on service utilization and reimbursement rates.

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Final Read

What is one of your most memorable experiences with a patient?

FinalRead OctoberPictured from left to right are Jane Karimova, MD, Vandana Dialani, MD, Priscilla J. Slanetz, MD, MPH, Tejas S. Mehta, MD, MPH,
Sean Raj, MD, Rashmi Mehta, MD, Nancy Resteghini, MD, Valerie Fein-Zachary, MD, and Jordana Phillips, MD.

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 Breast Imaging in Focus

focus banner

The entire specialty of radiology can learn a great deal from breast imaging.

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Radiology Saved My Life


Long before I worked for the ACR, a phone call from my radiologist changed everything.

We see something in your mammogram. Can you come back in?” The request from the imaging center was not unusual for me. I started getting my annual mammogram at the age of 40 and had been called back a couple of times before due to dense breasts. What was unusual was how soon they wanted me to return.

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So You’re Coming in for a Mammogram

Mammogrambigger 02

Anxiety before a medical procedure is common and normal. Here’s the information patients need to know before a mammogram.

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Overcoming Obstacles

OCT overcome

Many underrepresented minorities do not seek preventative screening, putting them at a higher risk.

Screening awareness season is upon us. This month, the world will light up pink in order to remind patients about the importance of breast cancer prevention. In November, those pink ribbons turn blue for lung cancer. Yet despite the movement to make preventative screening more accessible to all patients, a large swath of the community remains unscreened and at risk.

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Radiology Done Right

OCT raddoneright

How breast imaging has built a model practice

Excellence in some fields of medicine seems to be born of necessity. When a condition becomes so prevalent that it touches the lives of almost everyone you know in some way, patient demand for quality care raises the bar for better health care practices. That has been the case, many agree, for breast imaging.

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Radiology Considerations Under Year Two of the QPP

ECON oct

CMS is calling on physicians to ramp up their QPP participation in 2018.

Next year, 2018, is the second transitional year for the Quality Payment Program (QPP) before full implementation in 2019. CMS still offers the “pick your pace” option for level of participation.

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Breast Cancer Screening Today

BOC oct

New radiologist-created recommendations reinforce the importance of regular screening starting at age 40.

Who would have thought that getting the facts out — and getting them straight — on breast cancer screening would be difficult? There is strong evidence that regular screening results in a substantial reduction in breast cancer mortality for women age 40 years and older, and yet controversy continues.

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