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This week we’re looking at the use of MRI over ultrasound to find deadly cancer in cirrhosis patients, why some men are at greater risk than others when receiving prostate cancer therapy, and more.

MRI vs. Ultrasound for Detecting Cancer in Cirrhotic Livers?

New research concludes that when trying to detect hepatocellular carcinoma (better known as HCC), an often incurable cancer in patients with cirrhosis, an MRI can have better results than ultrasound, the currently recommended option.

History of Heart Attack Ups Risk for Men Getting Prostate Cancer Therapy

The depletion of hormone levels when treating men who have a history of heart attack for prostate cancer could put those patients at greater risk than others.

Number of Mammography Screenings Up Following Medicare Shared Savings Program

While examining the impact of accountable care organizations within the new Medicare Shared Savings Program, researchers from Johns Hopkins found that mammography screenings have increased.

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