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final read

Michael A. Chorney

Q: Why did you decide to become an interventional radiologist?

As a resident, I’ve found that the rotation that offers me frequent moments to turn off the dictaphone and converse with patients is IR. The daily workflow on the IR service provides us with the opportunity to share time and stories with our patients.

As an IR resident, my conversations with patients are frequently care-based, but not all the time. Every so often, a few extra minutes allow me to reconnect with familiar patients, share upcoming weekend plans, and provide my opinions on Philadelphia sports. IR allows me a few moments to sit, listen, and learn from the patients I know so well. I cherish those moments of connection, both professionally and personally, with my patients. As medical professionals, it’s important for us to listen to our patients as we help them navigate the new waters that may lie ahead.

 Michael A. Chorney, MD, is an IR resident at Pennsylvania Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania Health System.

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