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This week we’re looking at the benefits of noncontrast MR angiography for some patients; why adding ultrasound during nondense breast imaging may not be necessary; the potential “pitfalls” in pediatric imaging, and more.

Noncontrast MR Angiography May Benefit Diabetics and Patients with Renal Failure

Removing a contrast agent used during the imaging of blood vessels could reduce the risk of nephrogenic systemic sclerosis in patients with diabetes or who have experienced renal failure.

Adding Ultrasound to Nondense Breast Imaging Adds Little

Women with nondense breasts who undergo ultrasound during digital mammography likely don’t need that additional imaging, according to a new study, which suggests it could actually do more harm than good.

Can Chest Radiographs Be a Pediatric Imaging “Pitfall”?

Pediatric imaging presents some unique interpretation challenges, suggests a Seattle-based radiologist and his team, and can lead to missing abnormalities or raising unnecessary concerns and exposure.

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