JACRⓇ October 2016 Highlights


The October Issue of JACRⓇ covers reporting incidental findings, getting involved, the improving job market, and R-SCAN™, among other things. Here are a handful of articles of special interest to radiologists in training.

Incidental Findings on Imaging: Omit or Provide Recommendations

In this installment of the Speaking of Language series, Jenny K. Hoang, MBBS, discusses ways to report incidental findings of varying significance.

The Value of Getting Involved

Elizabeth Kagan Arleo, MD, and Valerie P. Jackson, MD, explain why radiologists should prioritize activities in organized radiology.

The 2016 ACR Commission on Human Resources Workforce Survey

In this annual report, Edward I. Bluth, MD, and Swati Bansal, MS, show that the radiology job market is continuing to improve beyond what was expected and will continue to improve.

R-SCAN: Why We Should Care!

Max Wintermark, MD, et al introduce ACR’s R-SCAN in this succinct overview and explain why it is the way of the future in the era of Imaging 3.0®.

By Daniel Ortiz, MD, ACR RFS Secretary and 3rd year radiology resident at Eastern Virginia Medical School.

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