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November 2015

This week, we're reading about how metrics can add to value-based care, how radiologists can reduce unecessary imaging, and more.

The Data-Driven Practice: How Quality Metrics and Data Are Driving Radiology
“There’s no getting around the need for quality infrastructure and metrics to prove value.”

Six Things Men Affected by Breast Cancer Want You to Know

It’s not only women who are diagnosed with breast cancer.

Five Ways Radiology Can Reduce Unnecessary Tests

Easy ways to encourage appropriateness in imaging

Lately From the ACR Bulletin

How to Start an Online Journal Club

Lessons learned four years after launching the ACR RFS virtual journal club

6 Reasons to Login to LinkedIn

How physicians can use Linkedin

What does a USPSTF Grade Mean?

Colin Segovis, MD, gives us the rundown.

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