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November 2015

This month the journal features articles on the job situation in radiology, the ICD-10 transition, and perspectives on residency spots. Here is a list of articles in the JACR® that may be of particular interests to residents and fellows.

Radiology Residency Spots Should Be Drastically and Immediately Reduced
At ACR 2014, there was a battle of wills between Colin Segovis, MD, PhD, and Neil Lall, MD, over whether the number of radiology residents should be immediately and drastically reduced. This is article includes a synopsis of the debate, the data behind the arguments, and commentary from debate moderator, Saurabh (Harry) Jha, MBBS.

The 2015 ACR Commission on Human Resources Workforce Survey
Questions about the radiology job market? Edward I Bluth, MD, FACR, and colleagues present the data from the 2015 annual workforce survey. Job opportunities have increased since 2013 but remain relatively similar to 2014, with a projected 1,131 to 1,484 jobs available for radiologists in 2015.

Magnitude of Impact, Overall and on Subspecialties, of Transitioning in Radiology from ICD-9 to ICD-10 Codes
RFS member Meg Fleming, MD, and colleagues studied the impact of transitioning to ICD-10. Fleming and colleagues suggest that ICD-10 will increase the complexity of the coding system, but radiologists can reduce the impact dictating quality reports. The Bulletin recently hosted a resident-to-resident discussion of the paper.

By Colin Segovis, MD, PhD (@colinsegovis), RFS secretary and resident at Wake Forest University

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