EHRs Might Influence Your Report More Than You Think

EHRs Might Influence Your Report More Than You Think

November 2014

Nearly everyone agrees that EHRs have a lot of potential benefits for radiologists, especially the enhanced ability for information sharing. But not everyone realizes how significant those benefits actually are. A recent study published in Health Affairs reinforces the importance of having access to EHR data when it comes to radiologist decision-making in emergency departments.

In the study, three neuroradiologists without access to EHR data looked at 2,000 head CT scans. The neuroradiologists then analyzed the medical information gathered and entered by emergency physicians and compared it to the information that had been entered in the EHR. In about 22 percent of the cases, the neuroradiologists agreed that the extra information in the EHR would “very likely” or “possibly” affect the interpretation and treatment. Without access to the full EHR data, radiologists could have recommended inappropriate imaging or failed to recommend further appropriate imaging. Although the sample size is small, it is still telling, noted one of the researchers, John M. Ulmer, MD, in an interview with DOTmed News. “Larger studies across multiple institutions and multiple scenarios would give us a better appreciation for how well this reflects the impact of the EHR on interpretations of imaging studies elsewhere or in other scenarios,” he said. Read more about the study at


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