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How do you avoid getting burned out at work?

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The best way to combat burnout is to prioritize human connection and community. Fostering trusting relationships with our patients, consulting physicians, and radiologist colleagues keeps us engaged in empathy and altruism. Additionally, emphasizing interpersonal relationships promotes high-performing teams, professional satisfaction, and strengthens our mission of achieving excellence in patient care.
— Kimberly M. Beavers, MD, radiology resident at AdventHealth Orlando
The first step is to create awareness about wellness; the second step is to implement. Always adjust your seats, monitors, and lights before starting your day. Replenish yourself by exercising, watching your favorite TV show, going on a dinner date, or even browsing through your favorite photos on your phone. Finally, keep your world from feeling small by filling your heart with gratitude.
— Syam P. Reddy, MD, breast and body imager at Radiology Partners and clinical chairman at the
University of Chicago Medicine and Ingalls Health System
Discover what is fulfilling to you at work and do more of that. This means saying no sometimes, but then jumping forward to contribute and grow with other opportunities. See the big picture when faced with a huge workload. For me, it is patient stories and having the privilege to teach and influence a future generation of radiologists.
— Jenny K. Hoang, MD, associate professor of radiology and radiation oncology at Duke University

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