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ACR 2015 Hill Day


On Wednesday, hundreds of radiologists headed to Capitol Hill as part of ACR 2015. Attendees met with their members of Congress to advocate for the specialty and educate legislators about patient care. Here's what members told us and tweeted during the action-packed day on the Hill.

“It’s important for all American citizens to keep in contact with their members of Congress… It’s very important for physicians because everybody’s decided they know how to practice medicine better than physicians — and that includes radiologic services. If we don’t get our message out and have them understand that we’re voters, we’re constituents, and we’re taking care of their patients, things are really going to go awry.”  — Albert L. Blumberg, MD, FACR

"Hill Day gives residents insight into the regulation of radiology. It brings the community together with a common goal and provides the opportunity for all of us to educate our representatives about our work and contribution to modern medical practice."  — Nathan M. Cross, MD

"It’s important for us to get involved in the political process because it affects our profession, which ultimately affects the quality of care that we can deliver. And even beyond that, it affects the access that patients have to care, so we have to be able to practice in a vibrant and viable atmosphere in order to be there for our patient community." — Gail N. Morgan, MD

"It's important to be involved in general, though especially now as the whole healthcare landscape is fundamentally changing. As decisions are made to restructure medicine, everyone will feel the impact. We need and provide representation for our specialty through the ACR. If we're not here right now when the big decisions are being made, we shouldn't expect things to go well for our interests or that of our patients." — Timothy A. Bernauer, MD


Top photo: Members of the Iowa Radiological Society head to Capitol Hill.

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