Ensure Your Voice is Heard: March Madness

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Need to hear some positive news in the realm of political advocacy?


In the fall of 2016, the United States Department of Veteran's Affairs (VA) proposed rules which would have allowed advanced practice registered nurses (APRNs) to supervise, perform and interpret radiologic studies including CTs and MRIs in the VA system. Thanks in part to your efforts along with that of the College’s Government Relations team, the VA final rule amended this language, allowing APRNs to only order radiological exams. This was a crucial victory to ensure radiological care is left in the hands of the radiologist and would not have been possible without you!

What's also positive? Arguably the most exciting time of year in college sports: March Madness. And that also means it’s time for RADPAC's (our specialty’s bipartisan radiology political action committee affiliated with the American College of Radiology Association) March Madness Campaign, where state radiological societies face off to claim the title!

How it works:

The campaign starts March 1st and ends March 31st. Each new RADPAC contributor in the first two weeks of March earns one point towards his/her state radiological society. Each new RADPAC contributor in the second two weeks of March earns two points. Just like college basketball, states are divided into brackets (based on chapter size) to determine which state can come out on top with the most contributors.

No amount is too small to participate in the campaign. The winning state radiological society will receive $500, which could be used to send RFS'ers to the annual ACR Meeting!

For more information on the March Madness Campaign, click here: http://www.radpac.org/News-and-Impact/RADPAC-March-Madness.

The direct link for contributing is: https://contribute.pacbuilder.com/contribution.aspx?X=jUanPJPFmHNEEw0MjenDU1bbTZIQZM6H.

Thanks to your dedication to our profession, we had a successful 2016. But our work is far from done and our efforts now will impact the future to ensure our patients receive the best care and we receive fair reimbursements for the services we provide. Join in on continuing to promote positive and meaningful change for our profession!

By Amy Patel, MD RADPAC RFS member and breast fellow at Mallinckrodt

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