ACR Bulletin June 2019

Final Read

How can we foster a culture of support for parents from residency to practice?

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Innovation Training

A tech innovation incubator inside the radiology department at Massachusetts General Hospital turns physicians into inventors.

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Before Marc D. Succi, MD, joined Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) as a radiology resident in July of 2015, he had already secured several patents and launched two startup companies, gaining valuable experience as an inventor and CEO. His entrepreneurial background made him the go-to invention expert at MGH, quickly revealing the hospital’s need for more robust innovation resources.

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Barriers to Integrating AI into Radiology Practice

What are some challenges that adversely impact our progress with machine learning and prevent us from moving forward?

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Machine learning methods for biomedical image analysis that are better and more precise than humans for specific tasks have been around for nearly two decades.1 However, they are rarely used in current practice. In fact, visually inspecting and subjectively describing an imaging study has not fundamentally changed since the very first scientific report of findings on an X-ray in 1896.2

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With One Click

ACR’s PFCC toolkit gives radiologists the information they need at their fingertips to transform their practices.

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Julie G. Moretz, assistant vice president of patient- and family-centered care (PFCC) for Augusta University Health, knows the power of PFCC first-hand. When her son Daniel was diagnosed with heart disease at birth and underwent 12 surgeries and a heart transplant all before the age of eight, Moretz and her husband wanted to be as involved with his care as possible.

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Setting an Example

Surgery has seen gains in female representation. What can radiology learn from the field?July Images 4 web5

Radiology is one of the least diverse specialties — lagging behind much of medicine when it comes to participation by women and underrepresented minorities (URMs).1 Currently, only 25 percent of radiologists are women.2 While the current ACR president, vice president, BOC chair, Council vice speaker and JACR® editor are all women, as are 11 of the 33 members of the BOC, diversity in leadership remains low — only 17 percent of academic radiology department chairs are women.1

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Owning Clinical Decision Support

Collaborating clinicians should champion CDS tools to ensure best imaging practices.

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As radiologists push forward in providing the high-value and appropriate imaging that best serves their patients, an opportunity for collaboration, cost-savings, and better patient outcomes is at hand. By working with referring physicians who are unsettled by CMS’ Appropriate Use Criteria (AUC) mandate under PAMA, radiologists can ease the adoption process and maximize the value CDS delivers.

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Delving Into Radiologist Payment Policies

The ACR 2019 Economics Forum focused on MACRA, CPT® code valuation, Medicaid payments, and other topics.

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ACR 2019 included a half-day Economics Forum, organized by the ACR Commission on Economics. I wish to thank the faculty who contributed, as well as the audience who made the session interactive and thought-provoking. Here are the three themes that emerged from this year’s forum:

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Under Attack

Radiologists must make cyber security a priority to protect their businesses and patient data.

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“Nearly 100 percent of what radiologists do is rendering care electronically. Unless their network security is lights-out good, they are disproportionately at risk for a data breach.” That’s the cold hard truth, according to David Sousa, chief operating officer and general counsel for Curi, a North Carolina-based insurance company offering physician liability protection. And as a variety of practices are realizing — despite an ever-growing to-do list for imagers — prioritizing cyber security is a must.

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