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This week, we’re looking at how different generations respond to patient-centered care, the ins and outs of MACRA and TCPI, and more.

Do We Have a Millennial Physician Problem?

Previous generations are always skeptical about the upcoming one. Is there merit to it?

A New MD Learns to Live with Pain and Find Hope in Her Patients’ Stories

“Our patients are not questions to be answered, or problems to be solved, but rather people who have given us the privilege to stand with them and offer strength and support, in the form of knowledge, advice, and compassion in times of crisis.”

CMS Plans Grants to Assist Physicians with MACRA Transition

What is the TCPI network and how will it help you? Find out here, then visit rscan.org to keep the MACRA momentum going.

Lately from the ACR Bulletin

Patient Interaction Revamped

Residents at Indiana University School of Medicine get out of the reading room to deliver patient results in person.

Catching Up With the ABR

As the new Core Exam enters its fourth year, here’s what you should know about the changing world of board certification.

September is Radiology Expo Month

How can you educate medical students about radiology?

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