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This week we’re learning about the power of a story, the most productive way to start your day, and a strategy to make friends in the ED.

Doctors’ Storytelling Evening the Right Kind of Medicine
Physicians find value in sharing and processing their experiences on stage.


The First Four Things You Should Do Every Workday
Ever find that it's noon and you haven't accomplished anything on your to-do list? Get a productive jump-start on the day with these tasks.


In-Person Consultations in Emergency Department Improve Relationships
Want a better rapport with your ED colleagues? Start by taking a walk.



Lately From the ACR Bulletin

ACR 2016 in Review
The annual meeting is over, but we’ve got your recaps right here.

Preparing for the Business of Radiology: A Nontraditional Approach
Tracing one physician's path from management consultant to radiology resident.

Plagiarism Decoded
Journal editors weigh in on scholarly ethics in the digital age.

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