Competing Through Operations

Saturday, Sept. 10 – 8:30 a.m. - Noon

Well-run radiology enterprises are identifiable, distinct, and are essential to success. Such examples typically have succeeded by paying very close attention to both production and financial management.

The competing through operations session will encompass two learning modules. The first module examines the concept of operational excellence as a component of strategy. Most organizations strive to be operationally excellent but very few achieve this level of excellence. Failure to achieve operational excellence often results from the failure to fully define the concept in the context of the organization’s strategy. Operational excellence is not a ‘one size fits all’ concept. The first module will explore the sources of advantage that organizations can secure through superior operations and the critical capabilities that an organization must develop in order to successfully execute an operations-based strategy. The second module incorporates a more external, customer-focused view of operational excellence. Specifically, the module will examine the role of customer loyalty, a desired outcome of operational excellence, as a driver of both growth and profit.


Analysis of Radiology Business Models
This strategic value framework helps radiology practices best position themselves in their environments.

Lessons From the Happiest Place on Earth
Lessons in customer service

Leading in the World of Business and Medicine: Putting the Needs of Customers, Employees, and Patients First
Tips from the business world on how to make the patient front and center.

Customer intimacy, meet operational excellence
Organizations that have historically competed on customer intimacy can simultaneously strive for operational excellence.

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