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July 2015

This week we’re reading about passive voice in radiology reports, getting physicians on social media, and how doctors die.


When Passive Voice Is to Be Avoided
“Attention to the language of radiology is not optional. Words must be used carefully and deliberately in order to achieve the effect we want.” Here’s how passive voice creeps into radiology reports, how to avoid it, and why it matters.
3 Reasons to Create “Social Physicians” at Your Community Hospital
Benefits for social media use include improved patient care, relatability, and participation in health care discussions. A list of easy wins helps physicians get started.
Knowing How Doctors Die Can Change End-Of-Life Discussions
“Gorlitsky wants something different for herself and for her loved ones. And most other doctors do too: A Stanford University study shows almost 90 percent of doctors would forgo resuscitation and aggressive treatment if facing a terminal illness.”

Lately From the ACR Bulletin

Modernizing the Radiology Residency Curricula

Are we training tomorrow’s radiologists to succeed in yesterday’s health systems?

Making a Difference
One New York City radiologist bucks convention to establish a patient rounding program at her hospital.

A Resident’s Primer on Breast Density
Are we communicating with our patients clearly about this controversial topic?

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