ACR Bulletin January 2018


Artificial Intelligence: Friend or Foe to Radiology?

What really is AI and how will it affect the field of radiology?

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The Importance of Speaking Econ

Economic terms are complex, but learning how to apply them can pay dividends.

The language of radiology is complex and, in many ways, different from the language of the rest of medicine. This difference has immediate implications for our profession.

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"My Aching Back!"

Referring clinicians and radiologists come together to incorporate the low back pain guidelines into their patients' aching back

When a patient comes into a clinic for lumbar spine pain, do referring physicians know exactly what to do? Should they order an imaging exam? Which imaging modality should be used to get the best result?

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Slowing the Burn

Radiologists search for strategies to thrive in a demanding environment.


Whoever said it’s better to burn out than to fade away probably wasn’t receiving care from a medical professional suffering from burnout.

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RLI 2017: Preparing Radiologists for Constant Change

Several topics dominated the 2017 RLI Leadership Summit, including AI, creating maximum value in your practice, and avoiding burnout.

Adaptive workplaces, AI in health care, lean operations, and meeting patient expectations dominated conversations at the 2017 RLI Leadership Summit.

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Scholarship in Action

Young radiologists learn to design and execute a playbook for sustained practice growth and success at the RLI Leadership Summit.

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Lean operations, AI, value-based versus volume-based imaging… The Radiology Leadership Institute® (RLI) annual summit focused on these subjects and more. Here are some top takeaways from the 2017 RLI annual summit scholarship recipients.

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Allergies or Something Else?

In a recent Case in Point™ case of the month, radiologists uncover an uncommon diagnosis for a young patient in need of answers.

The four-year-old girl arrived at Greenville Health System with severely swollen eyes, skin rash, and leg muscle weakness. The patient had been seen a week earlier at an outside emergency room and was treated for allergies but had been unresponsive to treatment.

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Prepare For Success With Imaging 3.0

Radiologists who are already using Imaging 3.0® techniques are a step ahead in the MACRA and informatics game.

In this stage of profound changes in health care delivery models, radiologists must find new strategies stay viable.

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The Dangers of Delegation

Can you delegate informed consent to another professional? Pennsylvania court says no.

Patients rely on their physicians, including ACR members, to share clinically relevant information. You apply your medical judgment when you decide what to tell a patient about a particular study or procedure she or he may undergo.

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