ACR Bulletin Feb 2018

February 2018 Case of the Month

Talar dome osteochondral defect

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Christopher Viet Nguyen, MD
PGY-1, Radiology Resident,
Department of Radiology
University of California, Irvine Medical Center
Orange, CA

Donald von Borstel, DO
Musculoskeletal Radiology Fellow,
Department of Radiology
University of California, Irvine Medical Center
Orange, CA

Joseph Burns, MD, PhD
Associate Professor of Clinical Radiology,
Musculoskeletal Radiology,
Department of Radiology
University of California, Irvine Medical Center
Orange, CA

Why Do You Ask?

Collecting accurate and actionable data starts with a patient-centric strategy.

GettyImages 625300356SMALL

Patient surveys aren't new, take precious time, and may not always reveal actionable results.

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Hidden Figures

Although diversity and inclusion have improved in medicine overall, the radiology profession faces continuing challenges and special opportunities.

diversity 3Granville C. Coggs, MD, FACR, staff radiologist at Brooke Army Medical Center at Fort Sam Houston in Texas, evaluates an X-ray. (Image courtesy of Andricka Hammonds, U.S. Department of Defense.)

Marcus F. Wheatland, Sr., MD, was the first African-American radiology specialist and the 11th president of the National Medical Association, the largest and oldest national organization representing African-American physicians and their patients in the United States.

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ACR's Strategic Plan — Time to Refresh and Look Forward

The updated plan adjusts the College's vision and brings increased focus to AI and data science.GettyImages 638074290

At the fall meeting of the ACR's BOC and CSC, volunteer and staff leadership met to revise the ACR Strategic Plan. From the beginning, this charter was approached as a living document.

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Final Read

What advances in the field of radiology do you find most exciting?final read

To me, the most exciting aspect of radiology is the fact that we, as radiologists, have a tremendous opportunity to improve the experiences of the patients we serve.

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Value Above All

The ACR Annual Conference on Quality and Safety assesses radiology's value in an ever-changing health system.

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The importance of demonstrating and expanding value as radiologists was the central theme of the ACR Annual Conference on Quality and Safety, held in Boston this past October.

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Behind the Curtain

Ohio radiologists collaborate with a patient advocate to implement a direct results delivery program that decreases patient anxiety.

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When David C. Mihal, MD, then diagnostic radiology resident at the University of Cincinnati Medical Center, began working on his practicum for the Radiology Leadership Institute® he knew he wanted to use the opportunity to make a real difference for patients and families.

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A Doctor's Dilemma

Should we treat patients like our family — or treat our family like patients?

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Treat each patient as if they are your family. We hear this wisdom taught in medical school classrooms, whispered in ward corridors, and echoed in our own heads.

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Why Should Radiologists Use a Certified Coder?

An ACR coding expert explains the ins and outs of this radiology-specific certification.

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Physicians know that accurate coding can be critical to a practice's survival. If you under-code, there's lost revenue. If you over-code, you run the risk of possible fraud and abuse charges.

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Cost — Rarely Understood but Highly Relevant

Practices may review their Quality and Resource Use Reports to better understand how they are doing with cost.GettyImages 694746164

Cost, cost, cost. More and more, we hear that physicians are being held accountable for cost.

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What's Next for the Annual Meeting?

The format at ACR 2018 will re-emphasize governance and the business of advocating for radiology.acr 2018 1

The ACR Bylaws charge the Council with the duty to make policy for and thereby guide the direction of the organization.

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