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Marnee M. Spierer

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Pictured left to right are Kimberley McDaniel, RN, Miriam Trejo, a breast cancer survivor, and Marnee M. Spierer, MD, at Cancer Treatment Centers of America.

Why is it important for radiologists to practice patient-centered care?

The radiologists I work with on a daily basis love the doctor-to-patient interaction and have such a huge role in a patient’s plan of care. We often need a radiologist’s input on our radiation treatment plans, and that is one of my greatest safeguards in taking care of my patients. That radiologist is not just reading a scan but helping me know where to aim my beam. Radiologists are crucial participants at our tumor conferences. Their input is invaluable.
At my institution, we have patients who make appointments just to have consults with our radiologists. They go into the reading rooms and sit and review the scans. It’s amazing for the patient — because someone who is going through cancer should always feel that he or she is at the center of everything.
Marnee M. Spierer, MD, is chief of radiation oncology and chief of staff at Cancer Treatment Centers of America, Phoenix.

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