December Case of the Month

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Authors: Hollie Gallagher Zate, DO, PGY-3,Radiology Resident, Department of Diagnosis Radiology, MetroHealth Medical Center, Cleveland, Ohio.; Vikas Jain, MD, Assistant Professor of Radiology, Department of Diagnosis Radiology, MetroHealth Medical Center, Cleveland, Ohio

Why did you select this case for submission?

My attending and I selected this case because it beautifully depicted a rare and interesting case of isolated neurosarcoidosis, from its initial presentation to biopsy and on to treatment response.

What should readers learn from this case?

Readers hopefully learn about the multitude of ways sarcoidosis can present in the nervous system and start including it in their differential diagnosis.

What did you learn from working on the case?

I learned about the various ways neurosarcoidosis can present and how difficult it can be to test for it (unlike the simple blood test obtained in systemic sarcoidosis). Additionally, submitting this case helped me get a feel for publishing cases and presentations.

How did guidance from senior staff at your institution impact your learning and case development?

My attending greatly impacted my education on the topic and helped with the process of submitting the case, from acquiring the images to the layout of the graphics and the difficulty level of the questions.

Why did you choose Case in Point for submission of your case?

People visit Case in Point every day because it only takes a short amount of time to learn a great deal of information spanning all aspects of radiology. The image quality is top-notch, and the quiz questions are a fun way to learn and take a little break from the day.

What is the appeal of online learning tools such as Case in Point as opposed to print learning venues?

The appeal of online learning is that it can be done from any place at any time and doesn't require lugging around a giant book. Furthermore, online learning reaches many more people these days than print (I could even have my family see it despite them living hours away).

Are you a regular reader of Case in Point? What are your favorite types of cases?

Yes! My favorites are the neuroradiology cases.

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