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How has social media influenced you as a radiologist?final read

Given that there are relatively few women in radiology and particularly interventional radiology, social media platforms allow me to connect with other women in our field more easily than in my day-to-day practice.

Despite being 13 years out of medical school, impostor syndrome is still very real for me. I find it much easier to ask questions of other women, for example, in a Facebook group of only female radiologists. A recent survey in the group reveals that many other women feel the same way and prefer to share cases, discuss diagnoses, and inquire about professional advice in a relatively small group of just women.

The women who participate in the group often feel a sense of community and togetherness that transcends borders as members include radiologists from all over the world. The group members are non-judgmental and encourage each other in professional and personal matters. Members find friends and, more importantly, mentors. Experienced radiologists help guide women new to the field with career advice, job searches, and fellowship advice. Trainees get support as they go through issues encountered in their residency programs. In my fellowship program, I am fortunate to have three strong mentors, two of them female; however, not everyone has the same experience.

Now that I am finishing my fellowship and entering a non-academic position in a relatively remote location, I will be the only woman in my department. Although I am confident that my partners will be awesome mentors, I feel a sense of relief that I have this community of women behind me during the transition.

final read headshotAgnieszka Solberg, MD, Vascular and Interventional Radiology
Fellow at UC Irvine Health, Orange, Calif.

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