March 2017 JACR® Highlights



The March issue of the JACR delves into better reporting practices, empowering female radiologists, and more.

What Passes on First Blush May Not Bear Scrutiny

In this installment of the Speaking of Language series, Robert S. Feld, MD discusses the confusion with the term “blush” and proper alternative descriptors.

Who Are You? And What Do You Do Here?

Kurt A. Schoppe, MD discusses the importance of reflecting on who we are as radiologists and what we do in the context of the shifting reimbursement models.

35 Years of Experience From the American Association for Women Radiologists: Increasing the Visibility of Women in Radiology

Lucy B. Spalluto, MD, et al discuss the historical context of the development of AAWR and the work it does to empower women in radiology.

MACRA, MIPS, and the New Medicare Quality Payment Program: An Update for Radiologists

Andrew B. Rosenkrantz, MD, MPA, et al provide an overview of the complex changes facing reimbursement for radiological services.

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