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    Championing a team approach with frontline workers can define the patient experience.

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Leadership Pathway


Prep for sessions in this pathway by using the following resources. Find out more the Radiology Leadership Institute®, how to articulate and reinforce the value of radiology, and more.


If you're going to this session: What We Can Learn From Our Customers: Perspectives from Three Non-Radiologists (and One Radiologist), read...

Patient- and Family-Centered Care Resources

Meeting in the Middle

RadiologyCares’ Patient-Centered Toolkit

If you're going to this session: Radiology Practice Improvement: Advances in Optimizing the Patient Experience, read...

The Pursuit of Excellence: From Hotels to Hospitals

Patient-Focused Radiology: The Value of Customer Service?

Value Management Program: Performance, Quantification, and Presentation of Imaging Value-Added Actions

IT Infrastructure in the Era of Imaging 3.0

If you're going to these sessions: Leadership and Career Transitions in Radiology and Radiation Oncology — The Challenges and Opportunities, read...

Ace Your Interview

Midcareer Transition in Radiology: Threat or Opportunity

Radiology Jobs: Uncovering Hidden and Not-So-Hidden Opportunities from the ACR Jobs Board

Job Crafting in the Time of Imaging 3.0


If you're going to this session: You are Sued for Medical Malpractice — What Should You Do?, read...

               Radiology Malpractice Claims in the United States from                   2008 to 2012: Characteristics and Implications

Presentation: Business Concepts in Radiology – Malpractice: What the Thinking Radiologist Should Know

Lessons Learned from Reviewing Breast Imaging Malpractice Cases

Survival Strategies for Radiology: Some Practical Tips on how to Reduce the Risk of Being Sued and Losing


If you're going to this session: The Importance of Leadership in Practice Team Building –Lessons Learned from the Military, Successful Large Corporations and Large Academic Practices, read...

Boots on the Ground

From Toy Story to CT Scans: Lessons From Pixar for Radiology

If you're going to this session: QI/QI Systems and Implementation: What We Need to Knowread...

Quality Improvement and Leadership Development

Making Quality Improvement Projects Relevant to the 6 Institute of Medicine Aims

Data Drives Quality Improvement


If you're going to this session: Future Radiology Practice Models: ACOs, CINs, and Co-Management Modelsread...

Culture Shift: An Imperative for Medicine 

Radiologist Manpower Considerations and Imaging 3.0: Effort Planning for Value-Based Imaging 

Accountable Care Organizations: What You Need to Know


If you're going to this session: Negotiation Principles and Hospital Contractingread...

Protect Your Rights: Issues to Watch Out for When You Negotiate Hospital Contracts

Contracts in Radiology Practices: Contract Types and Key Provisions 

Exclusive Contracts in the Hospital Setting: A Two-Edged Sword, Part 1 - Legal Issues


If you're going to this session: Mergers, Alliances, Changing Practice Models and Pressures Mandating Changeread...

Mergers and Acquisitions for the Radiologist 

Employment, Mergers, and Joint Ventures: More Radiology Groups Exploring New Ways to Work with Radiologists 


If you're going to this session: Enhancing Workplace Engagement and Other Outcomes Through Diversity and Inclusionread...

Improving Diversity, Inclusion, and Representation in Radiology and Radiation Oncology Part 1: Why These Matter

Diversifying Your Strategy


If you're going to this session: Leadership Challenges: Missed Opportunities, Mistakes, and Valuable on the Job Lessons That Shaped Meread...

Deciding to Lead

Reflections on Principles of Good Leadership


If you're going to this session: Applying Strategy to Solve Practice Challenges: Real World Application of RLI Summit Principlesread...

Imaging 3.0 Strategic Planning Case Studies 

Strategic Planning for Radiology


If you're going to this session: Human Resources: Problems, Management, and Recommendationsread...

               Burnout of Radiologists: Frequency, Risk Factors, and                        Remedies: A Report of the ACR Commission on Human                    Resources

               The Disruptive Radiologist

               Retirement Issues for Radiologists: Consensus Statement                    on Successful Planning by the Commission on Human                        Resources of the ACR


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