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Who is the target audience for this video?

The “edutainment” video series “Reading Carteret” will primarily target radiologists and image ordering professionals. Our ultimate goal is to educate radiologists and their referrer colleagues about Imaging 3.0 concepts through the presentation of engaging videos.

Is this video purely for entertainment value, or is there an educational component to it?

We see this video series as an entertaining way to educate radiologists and non-radiologists alike about the business of radiology. 

A key question we’d like to gauge is this: would you, as a radiologist or imaging professional, consider showing a short video like this to your colleagues or referring providers to help explain new concepts”

Read the Reading Carteret Discussion Guide.

Why not set the video in a large hospital with tons of resources?

The video's setting — a small, community-based hospital — is one we believe most people in the viewing audience can relate to. This is why we did not set it in a large, urban location. 


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