Governance Pathway


This pathway represents the annual meeting of the ACR Council and is open to all ACR members. Councilors and/or alternate members should attend all governance sessions to ensure that the business of the College is conducted with representtaion from all chapters, qualified subspecialty societies, federal agencies, and military branches. Highlights of the governance patyhway include the consideration of resolutions, reports from ACR leadership, ACR elections, and the ACR convocation.  


 If you're attending as part of the ACR Council, you may find the following links helpful:

How Does the ACR Work?  With so many initiatives going on at once, the College needs  a well-defined, streamlined structure that is well representative of its diverse consituency. But who does what, how do the different parts of the ACR fit together, and how are you represented in this structure?

Liason Outreach and Development of ACR Policy Find out how policy is developed at the ACR annual meeting. 

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