Leadership Pathway


Prep for sessions in this pathway by using the following resources. Find out more the Radiology Leadership Institute®, how to articulate and reinforce the value of radiology, and more.


If you're going to this session: Hospital Contracting, Tips and Pitfalls, read...

"Protect Your Rights: Issues to Watch Out For When You Negotiate Hospital Contracts"

"Contracts in Radiology Practices: Contract Types and Key Provisions"

"Exclusive Contracts in the Hospital Setting: A Two-Edged Sword, Part 1: Legal Issues"


If you're going to this session: Setting the Record Straight on America's Health Care, read...

"WHO World Health Report 2000, Health Systems: Improving Performance"

"Assessing PPACA's Evolving Impact on Radiology"
"The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act in a Nutshell"


If you're going to these sessions: Strategic Planning for Radiologists, Challenging Times Require Proactive Solutions, read...

"Imaging 3.0 Strategic Planning Case Studies"
"Strategic Planning for Radiology"


If you're going to this session: Malpractice Issues in Radiology Potpourri, read...

Presentation: Business Concepts in Radiology – Malpractice: What the Thinking Radiologist Should Know
"Lessons Learned from Reviewing Breast Imaging Malpractice Cases"
"Survival Strategies for Radiology: Some Practical Tips on how to Reduce the Risk of Being Sued and Losing"


If you're going to this session: Essential Tools for Radiology Leaders, read...

"Reaching An Agreement"

"Negotiation Techniques for Health Care Professionals"
"Leadership in Conflict: Part 1"


If you're going to this session: Working Synergistically to Succeed Now and in the Futureread...

"Building a Better Team"

"Leadership and Trust"

"How to Improve Radiology-Hospital Relations — and Why It Matters"


If you're going to this session: New Payment Systems and Strategies to Cope — Imaging 3.0 and Other Initiativesread...

"Reorganizing for the Future"

"Imaging 3.0 Payment Model Case Studies"

"The Total Value Equation: A Suggested Framework for Understanding Value Creation in Radiology"


If you're going to this session: Aligning Strategy in Payment Organizationsread...

"The Business of Radiology and the Mission Statement"

"Developing a Business Plan in Radiology"

"Implementing an Effective Organization and Governance Structure for a Radiology Practice"


If you're going to this session: Performance Management: Building Self and Staff Capabilitiesread...

"Consensus-Oriented Group Peer Review: A New Process to Review Radiologist Work Output"

"Radiologist Recruitment and Retention: How Can We Improve?"

"The Next Level of Radiology Peer Review: Enterprise-wide Education and Improvement"


If you're going to this session: Money Mattersread...

"First Principles for Financial Modeling in Medicine"

"Radiology Applications of Financial Accounting"

"Financial Modeling in Medicine: Cash Flow, Basic Metrics, the Time Value of Money, Discount Rates, and Internal Rate of Return"


If you're going to this session: Future Radiology Practice Models: ACOs, Employment, and Other Possible Scenariosread...

"Culture Shift: An Imperative for Medicine"

"Radiologist Manpower Considerations and Imaging 3.0: Effort Planning for Value-Based Imaging"

"Accountable Care Organizations: What You Need to Know"


If you're going to this session: Setting Up An Effective QA/QI Program for Your Department: Tools and Metrics to Drive Performanceread...

 "Quality Management in Radiology: Historical Aspects and Basic Definitions""Quality Management in Radiology: Historical Aspects and Basic Definitions"

"Performance Measures in Radiology"


If you're going to this session: Mergers, Alliances, and Pressures Mandating Growthread...

"Mergers and Acquisitions for the Radiologist"

"Employment, Mergers, and Joint Ventures: More Radiology Groups Exploring New Ways to Work with Radiologists"


If you're going to this session: Performance and Paymentsread...

"Measuring and Managing Radiologist Productivity, Part 1: Clinical Metrics and Benchmarks"

"Measuring and Managing Radiologist Productivity, Part 2: Beyond the Clinical Numbers"

"Focused Process Improvement Events: Sustainability of Impact on Process and Performance in an Academic Radiology Department"


If you're going to this session: Entrepreneurial Women Leaders in Radiologyread...

"Learning to Lead: Best Practices for Getting Started"

"Women as Radiologists: Are There Barriers to Entry and Advancement?"

"Improving Diversity, Inclusion, and Representation in Radiology and Radiation Oncology Part 1: Why These Matter"

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